Pentax MX with a Red Pentax Strap

Pentax MX with red pentax strapI get inspired by my forum buddy to go off to research in fixing the light seals problems with my Pentax MX . I like the film camera especially when I scourge and get the very red Pentax strap to go with it just for the show. The strap is not comfortable but it adds character to the camera. I love it!

Pentax MX with red pentax strap
Here are Jon Goodman's instructions for sealing multiple kinds of cameras:
Favorite Classics / Jon Goodman's Seal Replacement Instructions
Here is the link to Goodman's eBay store where he sells seal kits:
eBay Seller: interslice: Cameras Photo items on
Contact him directly via eBay for kits not listed.

(In case you are wondering...Mr. Goodman is sort of a legend in regards to seal replacement on old cameras.)

Much thanks to Steve and many others for the link. What concerns me most is the mirror box bumper as I don't want to get any glue and deposit to ruin the MX focusing screen.

Light Seal loss in the back
Pentax MX with red pentax strap
Mirror bumper almost gone
Pentax MX with red pentax strap

I am fortunate that the focusing screen is removable, I will go two routes for the fixing:

  1. I will contact a local repair shop and ask for the pricing of a CLA with light seal.
  2. Do It myself as an alternative if pricing is over the cost of the camera.
And I will hopefully have a workable MX in the new year. I will report back



Isaac said...

I used John's excellent kit and instructions to fix up a Spotmatic and a TL Super. It just takes some patience and attention to detail - the biggest challenges were getting all the old gooey seals removed and then installing the new mirror bumper. On the TL Super I did end up with bits of the old bumper material under the focusing screen, so if you're hoping for perfection the shop may be your best bet.

Dave said...

I've just finished replacing the seals on my black MX using John's kit. It was pretty easy and took about two hours from start to finish to do all seals and the mirror bumper.

I removed the focusing screen, washed it carefully in warm soapy water, rinsed and left it to dry while fixing the seals. It feels like new again! The back closes tightly with no play in it, and it feels great to have it fully working again!

Hin Man said...

Much thanks for the comment. I just did the light seal that is sold in ebay as I can't find it in John's stock in ebay. I fixed up one copy of my xr-p. Thanks for the tip especially on the foamy water on the focusing screen.

Anonymous said...

Are you interested in selling that red strap? Email me please if so at Thanks.

Cenvin said...
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