Rikenon P 35mm f/2.8 and Pentax K-x

Rikenon P 35mm /2.8 in R/K mountI got this Rikenon lens that came with Ricoh xr-p as a package. I got carried away with my excitement on 35mm film camera with Ricoh xr-p that I bidded up two other similar bodies that I was supposed to gift to friend. Long story short, I have got two dead bodies on Ricoh xr-p film body and both have similar shutter problems.

I tried out the this lens on Pentax K-x White. The lens has Ricoh P pin and the aperture ring has the P selection for programmed mode in Ricoh xr series of cameras. The lens works fine on Pentax digital bodies without any pin stuck issue as I have explained in my earlier post about Rioch P pin

Safe if
  • P pin tip is found a rounded ball-head type
  • P pin is small and that when you use your thumb to glide over the pin, you don't feel it sticking out upon pressing it down
  • P pin is found retractable

When mounted on Pentax K-x, it works as a Pentax K manual lens. I have to use green button for stop-down metering. There is the undocumented observation about K-x in working with green button on K lens, it has an extra mirror slap that goes with stop-down metering operation. So far, I have not found a clue why the mirror slap is required in the metering.

In actual use, the extra noise does bother me a bit as every green button will have the extra noise on the mirror slapping. I ran few test shots on the lens with stop-down metering, they are not too bad. The lens is all plastic but I find it resemble closely the lens from Cosina.

photo taken with Rikenon P 35mm f/2.8 and Pentax K-x white
photo taken with Rikenon P 35mm f/2.8 and Pentax K-x white

photo taken with Rikenon P 35mm f/2.8 and Pentax K-x white


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