The Ricoh Love With Ricoh XR-P

The Ricoh Love With Ricoh XR-P
I like to post something that is related to Pentax's mother company Ricoh. It is perhaps not well known to some of us as compared to Pentax in the film days but I have been shooting the Ricoh xr-p for quite a while. While I am still a big fan of Pentax metal film bodies like MX and SuperProgram, I actually sold all of my Pentax film bodies but I keep my Ricoh xr-p as my single 35mm film body

I almost traded it to friend when I wanted to purchase his Pentax auto 110 kit. And here are some recent shots with Ricoh xr-p. I did struggle with scanning at home with my limited Canon Flatbed 8800F scanner.

My tools:
  • Ricoh xr-p
  • Vivitar 24mm f/2.8 P/K-AR
  • Kodak BW400CN
  • Home scan with low resolution for 1200dpi with Canon 8800F
  • Dwayne's Photo for film development

The Ricoh Love With Ricoh XR-P

The Ricoh Love With Ricoh XR-P

The Ricoh Love With Ricoh XR-P

The Ricoh Love With Ricoh XR-P

The Ricoh Love With Ricoh XR-P

I should have tried setting ISO to 200 as I was told by my local film shop that the BW400CN is native in 200 though labelled for 400. Most of the indoor shots come out way underexposed and I have a difficult time to pull up lighting in post processing.

The Ricoh Love With Ricoh XR-P
The Ricoh Love With Ricoh XR-P

Impressions & Notes
  • The viewfinder is not as big as the Pentax MX but the display of information as in aperture, shutter, warning of inaccurate shutter in Tv mode really make it a beauty to use with confidence
  • The Ev compensation and shutter to 1/2000 with mode dials on top is so much better than the tiny buttons toggle on SuperProgram or the like in ME Super
  • Metering is always a breeze with the Ricoh. I am yet to try its TTL flash
  • The shutter sound is very different than the Pentax. One may not like it as it has a high pitch noise but I much prefer it over the mechanical shutter in Pentax film bodies. It is quieter for street shooting as the high pitch noise is not as noticeable as the clunk in other film bodies.
  • The optional hand-grip really helps me in the shooting. The Pentax has a thinner and sturdier bodies in MX or the like, but the optional grip in xr-p wins me over for steady shot with confidence. Most of the shots that I posted are slower than 1/30 second hand-held. The shots in #1 and #2 are in 1/30 and 1/10 sec as it is a no-windows interior room in shot #2.
  • I have two lemon copies of xr-p and it shows that shutter mechanics break as easy as in any other brands.
  • The AEL button will light up the optical viewfinder with all the electronic display for shutter and aperture and I find the viewfinder especially good for low light and night time photography with film.
  • One usual gripe is in the peeling of its leatherette body in the xr-p and mine is unusually clean and intact with minor marks on the strap lug.



Fabio Pirovano said...

Great review I'm heading to one, may I ask you if this camera has manual iso settings and which range? May I use with this SMC M Pentax 35/70 2.8-3.5 lens manual lens(specially with manual 2.8 aperture ? Which set M?

Hin Man said...

User manual of Ricoh xr-p can be found in The asa/iso goes from 25 to 3200. K-mount manual lens with aperture ring should work without issue.

Fabio Pirovano said...

Thank you so much for your kind answer! All the best

Fabio Pirovano said...

Dear ,just one question,I'm using Portra 800 I see the the ASA Ring is marked 400 and 1000 where I could found the right set? just before 1000?

Hin Man said...

There are three dotted markings between ISO 400 to ISO 1000 that correspond to ISO 500, 640 and 800. The dotted marking next to the iso 1000 should be the one to choose for your Portra 800. You should consult the user manual that I mentions before in this link

Fabio Pirovano said...

Oh Thanks I read very well the manual but my english is not so good,thanks anyway, I'm using a RIKENON P 50 1.7 and I would understand why AFL is blinking,if alone is ok if there are +- I have to compensate the exposure? Right? All the best

Iron Goose said...

I have the Ricoh XR-P and was wondering if my old lenses will work on a new digital camera body. I think I read the mounts were unique to Ricoh?? If there is a camera body available for these lenses then please provide me with the contact info.

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