Ricoh xr-p and Pentax K lenses

Ricoh xr-p with added hand-grip

I have been using my Ricoh xr-p for few months for my nostalgic path in going back to 35mm film which I started with photography. Though I only have used it for no more than 5 rolls of film, I can say that I like the camera. I actually sold my Pentax SuperProgram and kept the Ricoh as my main manual focus film camera. It is compatible with all the Pentax K mount and I have ordered a copy of Tamron adaptall-2 adapter for Ricoh xr-p. The infamous Ricoh P pin is used in the auto programmed mode in Ricoh xr-p.

So far the Ricoh xr-p has met my interest on b&w film and I hope I can go further into slide films. I don't see myself developing film at home but I hope I manage to cut down the cost with my inexpensive Canon 8000F scanner and my planned purchase of Vuescan software.

I have several gripes against the Ricoh xr-p. It is not built as strong and trouble-free like the Pentax K1000, ME Super and SuperProgram. I have done three separate purchases of used Ricoh xr-p bodies, I got two lemons in getting stuck shutter release and various other problems related to broken shutter and mirror locked up. One frequent complain with the xr-p is about the absence of optical DOF preview. For me I have the most problem on how easy the electronics and mechanical parts can fail on the Ricoh. Though the minus, I love the rich features on the xr-p, especially on the rich array of information display that go with the optical viewfinder. For reference, I have a scanned copy of the user menu on the optical viewfinder display

Optical Viewfinder Indicators

The viewfinder's field of view covers 93% and magnification at .88X. I especially like the diagonal split screen and I find it easier to obtain focus than the horizontal split screen. And there is the auto exposure lock that doubles up with added lighting in viewfinder and I find it valuable in shooting indoor or when the available light is dim.

The ricoh xr-p is compatible with all Pentax K mounts. It is unfortunate that the Pentax A data pin is not the same as the Ricoh P pin. What that means is that the various program modes are not enabled but the metering work the usual way like a Pentax film body in Av mode as long as I select A on the shutter dial and select aperture on aperture ring. If I select a shutter speed instead, the optical viewfinder will indicate overexposure and underexposure with the set aperture. Here are the few lens that I have used with xr-p to great liking

ricoh xr-p
Left: Tamron SP 17mm f/3.5 (51B)
Right: Cosina 55mm f/1.2 in K mount

    ricoh xr-p test shots

    ricoh xr-p

    ricoh xr-p test shots

    ricoh xr-p test shots

    ricoh xr-p test shots

    ricoh xr-p test shots

    ricoh xr-p test shots

    And I plan to use the following lens with my Ricoh xr-p soon with both slides and films.



    Lone Shooter said...

    Hello Hin, just wanted to let you know I enjoy your informative posts very much. Also I;d like to ask if you can recommend the XR-P after the experience you've probably accumulated by now.I currently use a MZ-5 as my main K mount body and I think the XR-P might be an upgrade (I'd still keep the MZ-5 for when I want AF)

    Hin Man said...

    I really like my xr-p so you will know that I will recommend it. I actually sold my Pentax MX and keep my Ricoh xr-p as the my go-to 135 format film camera. But be warned that there are many broken xr-p bodies if you look for it in ebay -- make sure the seller rating is trustworthy and a return policy is stated if something don't match your expectation.

    The shutter is very different than the Pentax, it has a high pitch noise but I find it more quiet and less on vibration from shutter. The viewfinder knocks out the Pentax SuperProgram/Me Super or the like easily with a diagonal split screen but it is smaller than the MX. The digital display blended in nicely with the optical viewfinder -- you see all info. such as the shutter, aperture, Ev and there is a night switch to brighten up the viewfinder for indoor and night time shooting -- much better than the Pentax. I am not familiar with the MZ-5 but I am sure it is another fine camera from Pentax and the AF will be beneficial when you need it.

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