Hin's Past Gear -- LBA/CBA shameful

shameful reflection of Hin
This is a shameful reflection of my past gear that I have accumulated and sold in the past. I get the list so long that I find it a drag to update the blog post in Hin's Camera Gear and I am in the process of trimming lens again and this blog post will serve as the permanent home for my lens and cameras in the past.

Past Gear:



stanleyk said...


I know exactly what you mean!!!

Miserere said...

Wow Hin, that is a lot of used gear :-)

I see you've owned/sold some lenses more than once. Do you still have that Vivitar 135mm I liked so much? I never got back to you about buying it... :-\

tokyoso said...


I'm drawn to your blog because I have the exact same K-x white body camera with DAL18-55 lens. What's a good lens you would recommend for it?

I've only picked up a M 50/1.4 so far.


Hin Man said...

@Mis, I changed my mind about the 135mm as I can use it on my film gear. I have been film loving lately especially with the Ricoh xr-p and a repiared MX on the way

@tokyoso, besides the DA L 18-55, I will recommend the DA-L (or the better one with DA) 55-300mm to make it two lens kit that cover a good range. If zoom and smallest prime is what you are after, I recommend DA 40mm f/2.8 limited.

Miserere said...

Hin, I like 135mm on film, especially for portraits. If you ever change your mind again... :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your page, pics, tips and other info.

Keep up the work! You sealed the deal on my white K-x!

tom shue said...

You should of never sold the Taks,the Ziess or the Schneider. I have to keep mine hidden, The wife, may find them and them I am sunk. I have a suit case full of old Takumars.I use them on special occasions and are my back up encase of a divorce,LOL

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